Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)


It’s very common to get visa for immigrants who want to go to Canada but the real challenge is to figure out to choose the visa for immigrate to Canada as a business investor. The best pathway to get the work permit and that allows you to work in Canada by establishing your own business is Owner Operator LMIA. Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is not a regular immigration program but it’s an authorized documents from Employment and social development Canada to provide gateway through which foreign businessman can enter Canada to run their business. A positive LMIA grants permission to employer prove that it won’t affect Canadian labor market.

Although there are plenty of applicants across the world jostling for LMIA and it’s really necessary to have someone next to you for legal help and we have been a helping hand from years. There is always a chance of error or incorrect details that cost you to lose the deal/bid, but being CIS Consulting by your side will help you to ensure that your application status has the best chance of being accepted.




►Must be the primary shareholder of the business

►Your business must create job for Canadian citizens. He/she must employ at-least one Canadian or permanent resident in the initial year of the company activities.

►Be a sole majority shareholder.

►Must detain a non-dismissible position and not be answerable to anyone (superior).

►Highly skilled and experience holder in the intended business

►A well versed business plan that can sustain financially


Processing Time of LMIA: It takes an average of 2 months or so.

Validity of VISA: After getting LMIA, a work permit is valid for 1-2 years but in most cases the owner can apply for permanent resident visa through Federal Skill Express Entry or through PNP program.